2:49am April 16, 2014


Promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x19 “The Only Light in the Darkness”. Amy Acker guest stars as the cellist from Portland. The episode airs April 22 at 8 pm in the US.

So excited for the Cellist. So abhorring the skyeward.

12:04am April 16, 2014

The whole sacrifice one to save millions thingy

never works in fiction.

That is the biggest difference between man and machine, no matter how the math computes, humanity would always strive to find another way. That is why the ending of Mass Effect 3 is such a catastrophe, we the audience were suddenly pulled out of role playing and forced to MURDER Shepard. Throw him/her on the train tracks to save others, no walking off Starchild’s bridge to check for alternatives.

The only way that pattern works is if a person decides to heroic sacrifice him/herself, after he/she sees no possible solution out of extreme circumstances. Harold must have felt like Shepard, being forced into choosing the bad or the worst by his own child that finally proved, to his huge disappointment, that it is ultimately, just a machine.

Who wants to bet Harold disappeared to upload videos of that senate’s scandalise affairs to throw him out of congress. Machine, you uncreative.

P.S.: Wait, maybe we(Harold) misunderstood the Machine. Harold bound the Machine, tight. While Samaritan broadcasts Decima it’s thought process on screen. The original Machine could only ever give Harold numbers, that’s it, Harold interprets the rest. Maybe Root will show up and scold Harold epicly on behalf of the Machine later all “O.M.G. I ONLY WANTED YOU TO EXPOSE HIS SCANDALS FATHER YOU DONE F UP”. 

10:30pm April 15, 2014

LAWL Root came in on a bike and scooped up Shaw.
Reese meets Harold in a hotel room, quarrels about car opera.
They are so having fun with this.
I feel this is all gonna go south like a nosedive very soon.

Dat ending…. at least we didn’t see Harold shoot the senator himself, that would be too much. Root and “tertiary operations” has to step up. Watching Harold frantically tie a tourniquet on Shaw then Reese leading a hobbling Shaw around avoiding the police…
Happy Birthday Samaritan, now die already.

4:51am April 14, 2014


Look at Regina being all part of the Charming family. And how happy Snow looked at Regina’s concern over the baby.

And, of course, there’s puppy!Emma.

Them having dinner with Regina like it’s the norm is the just the best. And the whole episode it’s just wow Regina you’re awesome even without your heart.

1:07pm April 13, 2014


Natasha Romanoff: S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Russian Spy, Assassian, Matchmaker

Okay what I love most about this is Nat knows his neighbors.

(okay I love everything about this, especially Natasha continuing this conversation like they totally just didn’t jump out of a plane and murder/incapacitate twelve people, but we’ll focus on one thing in particular)

It’s really fueling my headcanon that Natasha just comes over and bothers Steve when she’s bored sometimes. She just comes in through the window sometimes, picks the lock when Steve isn’t home and rearranges his furniture (“The harmony of the room was off-balance” “That is a load of bullshit” “Have you gone undercover as a New Age specialist? No? Shut up. Harmony”), replaces his healthy food with microwave dinners. Things like that. Natasha is a world-class troll.

But she has cased his neighbors. She’s watching his back, making sure he’s in a good neighborhood, that he’s got a safe space to come home to.


2:50am April 11, 2014


Watson casually not wearing what Sherlock and Clyde chose for her

She’s an elementary school teacher living with a genius kid and a tortoise.

2:39am April 11, 2014

Hmmmm, that didn’t solve anything.

Plate smashing contest! The more you look at it the more absurd it gets.

2:35am April 11, 2014

So, that plate smashing scene is the epitome of why I love Joan Watson.


In almost every other version of Sherlock Holmes, when Sherlock acts like a child, and lashes out because he can’t deal with his feelings, Watson gets angry, Watson rants, Watson raves, Watson storms out, and generally Watson lets their internal frustration boil over and escalates the scene.

In Elementary, when Sherlock is acting like a child, Joan says, “Fuck it, you want to smash plates, we can smash plates, and then I am going to stand here and speak to you like an adult until you realize that acting out is not going to make you feel better, but talking about it will.” And then the scene diffuses. She meets Sherlock where he is, without backing down, but also without letting it get any worse. 

And that is why I love Joan Watson. 

Yep. And when she gets troubled, Sherlock solves her issues in the most creative, indirect, yet effective way possible. Married platonic partners.

1:07am April 10, 2014

Death Benefits speculations

Turn away if spoiler allergic prone

Okay, so those of us who follow BTS info know Grace is coming back. With that and the promo, I think the “sacrificing the life of one” is that of Grace’s. Decima or Vigilance must be using her against Harold, and Harold would try everything to save her, but is forced to lose her upon weighing the situation. Reese would try to advice him against it, in futile.

But after they seemingly go through with it, I think it’ll be revealed that Grace’s death was faked (most likely by Reese) and she finally reunites with Harold. She won’t likely stay, too dangerous before the job’s done and what not, but she will get to see that he is alive. Her “Death Benefits”.

12:32pm April 9, 2014


Out of the Shadows!  A brand new featurette from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (with big spoilers for last night’s episode “Turn, Turn, Turn” and Captain America: the Winter Soldier)

Forever renaming the show “Agents of uh-HUH?

10:17am April 9, 2014

Fitz really stood out this epi. He was so hurt by May’s intention to tranq him but shot someone with trembling hands to save her later. He invented the mouse trap lightsaber device that essentially saved everyone in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And this ^^^ heartbreaking, crowning moment of awesome would not have been okay had Simmons not bulldoze hugged him later.

10:02am April 9, 2014

Fitz saved…


Fury’s life.

In tonight’s episode Fitz said he invented the Mouse Hole device but it was shelved. Garret then says the top brass gets all the good toys. 

Fury used a device to get out of his car before the HYDRA agents could apprehend him. Maria Hill used it to get the Cap, Falcon, and Widow out of that armored car.

I’m so proud of my bb boy.


(Gif Credit.)

8:15am April 9, 2014

watch the memories go by. like they don’t belong to you. don’t chase the rabbit.